How to create Microsoft Azure SQL Database and Visualize along with Power BI.

This blog is mainly about creating Microsoft Azure SQL DB and visualizing with the help of Power BI Desktop.

Firstly, we need to have a Microsoft Azure subscription in order to create the azure sql database.  One can try for free for one month worth $200 azure subscription for free. You can find more on this from below link:

Then, you need to create Azure SQL database. For this please follow below link which will help us to create Azure SQL database step by step. I have gone through each step in detail.

Below are some of steps snap which you will see while creating Azure SQL database.


Meanwhile, It will help if you know more about Database Transaction Units (DTUs) and elastic Database Transaction Units (eDTUs). Once can know more on below link: which helps to figure out the Azure SQL database monthly subscription charges.

Also, one can know more about the elastic database pool.

Once you successfully create the Azure SQL DB then you will see as similar to below snap. Here I have create AzureSQLDB as database name and with AdventureWorks test data sample tables. I have set my server name as with 2GB in total disk storage.

After that I tried to connect my Azure SQL  database ‘AzureSQLDB ‘  but got the below error. Which means we need to allow client IP address to access the windows azure server SQL DB. So for this we need to add Firewall settings for this . Once success Firewall setting, now you are good to go to connect Power BI Desktop to windows Azure SQL DB you just created.

Do visualization by using Power BI Desktop and then can upload in Power BI cloud service too. Find more on different kind of Power BI visualizations:

Now, you had successfully created Azure SQL database and do different visualization using Power BI . Also, it’s good to see the data explore option with Azure and we can direct query and analysis of Azure SQL database in Azure portal itself. Which is great. One can setup Azure cost management in order to optimize your cloud spend and which is also a quite good feature.

#AzureSQLDatabase ,#WindowsAzure, #PowerBI,In summary, you have successfully setup Azure SQL database and do different kinds of visualization by using Power BI Desktop.


Anil Maharjan

Senior BI Engineer | Nepal Power BI User Group Leader

Happy and excited to be a Program committee member for DATA and BI Summit 2018.

Happy and excited to be a Program committee member for DATA and BI Summit 2018 in Visualize Track focusing on Building and Designing Dashboards and Reports.

Thanks to the DATA and BI Summit 2018 Program committee team for giving me an opportunity to work as a Volunteer Program committee member for upcoming DATA and BI Summit 2018 in Visualize Track focusing on Building and Designing Dashboards and Reports.

I had selected Visualize track (Focus: Building and Designing Dashboards and Reports) and regarding top 10 topics that should be covered in this track at DATA & BI Summit are:

  1. How to get story/insights from DATA using Power BI.
  2. Power BI Desktop and it’s features.
  3. R on Power BI.
  4. Different types of Visualization(bar charts ,trends, scatter plot, Geo-spatial , maps ,drill up, drill down, sub-reports ) we can create just by drag and drop approach and also custom visuals.
  5. Power BI service , dashboards, reports , data sources , APIs.
  6. workspaces , Power apps, how can end users be benefit by using different workspaces and power apps and helps in decision making.
  7. Roles and privileges in different workspaces , apps, reports , dashboard.
  8. scheduling, refresh data source , publishing in web, mail subscription, subscriber different reports , dashboards to different teams and end users.
  9. Q&A , Cortana , mobile power BI app, APIs, Gateways.
  10. Phone Layout, Power Query, Data modeling, Get Apps Microsoft App store, Real time data analysis and analytics.

You can find more about application proposal for Data and BI Summit Program committee. Deadline is 12th Jan 2018

Also, if you want to speak in this conference then you can find more about call for proposal for DATA and BI Summit below: Deadline is 12th Jan 2018.

So What about DATA and BI Summit 2018 ?

Data & BI Summit is hosted by The Power BI User Group (PUG). With over 38,000 members, PUG has established itself as the go-to for Data Professionals and Business Analysts who are eager to collaborate and deepen their expertise in Microsoft business intelligence tools.

DATA and BI Summit is going to be held on 24-26 April 2018 | The Convention Centre Dublin | Dublin, Ireland.

What to expect at the Data & BI Summit:

  • Exceptional, quality content: Learn how to bring your company through the digital transformation by gaining new understandings of your data and deepening your knowledge of the Microsoft Business Intelligence tools. Products will include: Power BI, PowerApps, Flow, SQL Server, Excel, Azure, D365 and more!
  • Answers to your questions: Network with the Microsoft Power BI team, dig-in onsite to find immediate answers with industry experts, Data MVPs, and User Group Leaders while taking advantage of the opportunity to engage in interactive sessions, workshops and labs.
  • Network with your peers: Enjoy countless opportunities to create lasting relationships by connecting and networking with user group peers, partners and Microsoft team members.
  • Stretch your skill set: Advance your career by learning the latest updates and how they can help you and your business.

You can find more on DATA and BI Summit 2018 by going through below link.


Anil Maharjan

Senior BI Engineer | Nepal Power BI User Group Leader