Power Platform Summit Australia

Never stop learning , volunteering , looking for opportunity and work for communities, I had given a great opportunity to be a program committee track leader for Power Platform Summit Australia which is going to happen on 21-23 August 2019 at Crown Promenade Melbourne.

Thanks to the Power Platform Summit Australia 2019 Program committee team for giving me this opportunity to work as a Volunteer Program committee track leader for upcoming Power Platform Summit Australia 2019 in Measure track focusing on Building and Designing Dashboards and Reports.

I had given opportunity in Measure track (Focus: Building and Designing Dashboards and Reports) and mainly Measure (Power BI) track is for -Focus: Building and Designing Dashboards and Reports:

Use any data, from hundreds of sources to easily create compelling, interactive visualizations. Every stunning visual or valuable reports relies on good data which starts with importing, cleaning, transforming and modeling your data. This important step is where all good BI solutions start. Learn to take the hundreds of sources you need and how to properly prepare your data and uncover insights in the future. Then customize your visuals to fit your brand and your audience, including storytelling with data to drive even more impact. This track will offer sessions at every level to help you get started or continue extending your skills by creating and customizing. Targeted roles: Business Analysts, Power Users, Business Users

So Why Power Platform Summit Australia 2019?

Learn. Network. Engage.

Across industries and around the world, this event is known as a premier user-centric experience for Power BI, PowerApps, and Flow product users.
With credible peer-to-peer knowledge exchange at its core, this event will help you uncover solutions for everyday challenges and establish organizational goals.

Through focused learning and networking, you will:

  • Experience a community-driven environment dedicated to un-biased support and problem-solving.
  • Network with peers from your region, industry or in a similar role for a customized event experience.
  • Receive tips on how to maximize software performance and increase product ROI.

You can find more on Power Platform Summit Australia 2019 by going through below link.


Also, you can register for the event and also for the pre-conference academy event from the link below


It feels great that my session also got selected, really happy and exciting. I will be speaking on

(AUSD07) Microsoft Power BI, Python to Visualize and Predict Connected Car

This session is mainly use to learn more about Power BI, Python and Azure ML and different visualization chart. How we can use Power BI and Python to visualize and predict the connected car from the IOT sensors related data of connected cars.
From this session one can learn how can we make some simple and quick visualization using Power BI desktop taking IOT Sensors data and publish into PowerBI cloud service and also publish those visualization reports to publicly in web. Also, this session mainly helps to tell the story of connected car driver movement patterns and helps to understand and predict which driver or car might be unsafe or risky one.
Overall, by using Power BI and Python and Azure ML how one can use analytics and prediction.
So, this session will surely help one to learn regarding Power BI, Python and Azure ML and its capabilities

Also, you can check the different session’s schedules from great speaker and MVP’s around the world.


some memories of Power Platform Summit Australia 2019



Anil Maharjan

Community Leader/Speaker: Nepal Power BI User Group 

Memories of Axiata Data Science Forum and Data Unchained Malaysia 2018 Datathon | Power BI | Microsoft Azure Machine Learning

This time I got an opportunity to visit Axiata Data Science Forum, kuala lumpur and to be part of Data Unchained Malaysia 2018 Datathon . Axiata Data Science Forum is organized by our head office Axiata Group.

Beside than Data science Forum this year we had an quite interesting and challenging datathon competition which is organized by Axiata Group and the Asia School of Business (established in collaboration with MIT Sloan), Data Unchained Malaysia 2018 is the first regional and Malaysia’s biggest datathon revolving around the rise of 5G and IoT and how these technologies enable smart cars. You can find more on this from below link:


Here we have got the masking data related to connected cars, IOT sensors and have to implement different use cases. I must say it was a quite interesting and challenging competition or datathon I have ever been. Here, we used Power BI, Python, and Azure ML to implement the use cases given.

One can learn more about Python, PowerBI and Microsoft Azure ML from below links:


It was full of excitement and happy that I got a chance to meet and network with colleagues around the Axiata Family and also had opportunity to meet great people around the world.

Some snaps of datathon related to Power BI, Azure ML visual:


Anil Maharjan

Senior BI Engineer | Microsoft Data Platform MVPNepal Power BI User Group Leader


It’s happy and existing to know that Nepal Power BI User Group has been setup finally 🙂
Welcome all, Feel free to join this User Group.

You can sign up and join Nepal Power BI User group by using below link:

( New Microsoft Power BI User Group Link )

Nepal Power BI User Group – Microsoft Power BI Community


We are a group of Power BI users and enthusiasts in Kathmandu, Nepal area, looking to connect with others to have interesting discussions and exchange ideas.  We meet quarterly along with Himalayan SQL Server User Group to go over the latest updates to Power BI & SQL, help new users get started, and explore specific topics in detail.  All are welcome, from beginners to experts.

Power BI User Groups (PUG): PUG offers online and in-person communities where you can share best practices, take part in exclusive training opportunities, and connect with other passionate Power BI users from various professions and industries. Get involved in your local user group today, and gain a better understanding of data that will enable you to excel in your role.

Connect with Power BI Users in the PUG Exchange where you can instantly share what you’re working on in Power BI and in your local user groups.

To know more about PUG Power BI User Group you can check out below link:

Nepal Power BI User Group – Microsoft Power BI Community ( New Microsoft Power BI User Group Link )


To know more about Himalayan SQL Server User Group you can follow below link:


Feel free to join Nepal Power BI User group.


Anil Maharjan