It’s happy and existing to know that Nepal Power BI User Group has been setup finally 🙂
Welcome all, Feel free to join this User Group.

You can sign up and join Nepal Power BI User group by using below link:


We are a group of Power BI users and enthusiasts in Kathmandu, Nepal area, looking to connect with others to have interesting discussions and exchange ideas.  We meet quarterly along with Himalayan SQL Server User Group to go over the latest updates to Power BI & SQL, help new users get started, and explore specific topics in detail.  All are welcome, from beginners to experts.

Power BI User Groups (PUG): PUG offers online and in-person communities where you can share best practices, take part in exclusive training opportunities, and connect with other passionate Power BI users from various professions and industries. Get involved in your local user group today, and gain a better understanding of data that will enable you to excel in your role.

Connect with Power BI Users in the PUG Exchange where you can instantly share what you’re working on in Power BI and in your local user groups.

To know more about PUG Power BI User Group you can check out below link:


To know more about Himalayan SQL Server User Group you can follow below link:


Feel free to join Nepal Power BI User group.


Anil Maharjan