How to find a Calculated Measure and Calculated Dimension with in particular cube.?

Hello all,

After such a long time , I would like to post some simple tips for calculating the Calculated Measure and Calculated Dimension within a particular cube in SSAS.

Though it might simple but this help me a lot.

I simply need to list down the calculated measures within a particular cube for which I have to open the BIDS project and lookup how many calculated Measure that I had made and their names which seems little odd. So ,after some research and trying out DMV queries I finally got a simple way .


Dynamic Management Views is introduced in Analysis Services 2008 and is used to track the server resources used .It can be queried like SQL –Like syntax. We can run DMV query in SQL server Management Studio in an MDX Query.

For Calculated Measure and Calclated Dimension Member and other entire details of Cube Catalog from SSAS.



Refer some other DMV queries from the link


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