OLAP PivotTable Extensions

Wow, I am so excited that there is such a cool extension available for the excel 2007 onwards ,firstly I don’t know that we can use this cool features add-in extension within an excel .I have often used the PivotTable but I never try it for this particular extension and its features.

I had bookmark for this particular page link a few months ago while I was doing my intern program but suddenly I check it back again now and I found why should not I had look the page clear fully before and why I had not use it or try it out before asking myself. 

But , nice to know that it has some great features like :
1. Private Calculated Members,
2. Calculations Library,
3. View PivotTable MDX,
4. Changing PivotTable Defaults,
5. Searching,
6. Distributing PivotTables

Among these I found the most useful and cool features is viewing entire MDx script and searching features.

Also as we know there are a lot of different tools/software’s that provides these facilities but one simple thing is that we can easily download this extension and it is free too.
You can visit the links as

Anil Maharjan

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