Does Linked Measure Group allows to delete the not used Measures for that cube?

Hello all,

After long time gap, I just want to share something regarding the Linked Measure Group and which might be sure helpful to all of us mainly in the field of SSAS .

While creating and processing cube with Linked Measure Group I got certain error so posted on the MSDN and got the response .so, I think it will be good to share this .

Below is the scenario :

I have developed the Linked Measure Group in order to share data across cubes within duplicating data for sharing same Measure Group within multiple cubes .

While processing a cube I got certain error and all I want to know that

Let’s say we have a cube A and Cube B and we create a linked Measure group within cube B by using a Measure group of Cube A  and within linked Measure Group in Cube B , we delete some measures that is not needed for cube B and Processed cube B.

Then  I got certain error while processing a cube B.

But It’s strange that it won’t give any issue while deleting the dimension that linked within Linked Measure group in Cube B.

So, does Linked Measure group allows to delete the not used Measure for that cube.

If we process the cube without deleting any Measure from Linked Measures then successfully both the Cube A and Cube B processed.

Also ,just a quick do we need to process the Cube A first and then Cube B after in order to use Linked Measure Group correctly .since while processing only cube B I got error as

‘Errors in the OLAP storage engine: The metadata for the statically linked measure group, with the name of ‘Fact Table’, cannot be verified against the source object’.

Hope to know from the one who knows better in this field. Your small help will be really appreciated.

Response and findings:

It is not recommend to delete the irrelevant measures when create a linked measure group. We can set the “Visible” property to “False” to hide this measure. so, in simple we cannot delete the Measures from the Linked Measure Group.

If you add a linked measure group to a cube, the BIDS interface will let you delete some of the measures in the group (since you may not want to show all the available measures in your new cube) – however, doing this causes the above error when processing the cube! The error is basically saying that the linked measure group metadata no longer matches that of the source measure group.

The solution is that when you add a linked measure group, all the existing measures should be left intact. To hide them from the end user, set the “Visible” property for each measure



Anil Maharjan