Hadoop Summit 2012- Big Data in Focus !!!

Hello all,

This is not any blog describing about something helpful but just want to inform all the data and technology loving person that Hadoop Summit 2012 is going to be held soon.

Looking forward to hear more about the Hadoop Summit 2012 which is going to be held tomorrow ,JUNE 13th – 14th @ San Jose Convention Center .Wish to watch the live coverage of Hadoop Summit 2012 and hear  more tweet’s regarding on this and upcoming focuses of this summit.

For more:



Also, I have only few knowledge regarding on this ‘Microsoft Big Data and Apache Hadoop’  but want to learn more on this .So if anyone knows some good links or something regarding on this technology then please you can share and provide some knowledge or help along within this blog. That would be really appreciated 🙂 ..!!!

Also, really looking forward if any universities offering the Master’s courses that includes Big Data and Apache Hadoop.


Anil Maharjan

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