SSAS Compare, a cool tool for Microsoft Business Intelligence professionals.

Hello all,

It’s been long time gap and I was really missing my blogging time part, busy blogging for my friends at Two Hour Blogger.

Through this blog I would just want to share the new tool developed by the Red –Gate called

SSAS Compare . which I think , SSAS Compare is one of the cool tool .

It has a great feature as

With SSAS Compare, you can select SSAS databases to compare differences between cubes, dimensions, measures and other objects.

SSAS Compare can create an XMLA deployment script to deploy changes to the target database.

This tool can be helpful when we have several versions of the same catalog/database within Production side and development side and needs to compare and find out how they differ. sometime we get confuse that which one is the latest catalog and what’s the latest different within the catalog between Production side and development side.

So, this tool can be must helpful which allows to compare the catalog and choose the required cube structure need to deploy by simply generating the XMLA script.

More on PDF:



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